Our Story

There's always a story right? Well I have to say ours is a pretty good one. My name is Jenna, my sister is Joanne, & my mom is Kathy .
We love life.
We love succulents!
What started as a common thread has turned into a driving business. Who woulda known succulent design would be our family passion, even with my dad and brother-in-law Greg. It's a powerful thing when you can get along with your family and actually enjoy working together.
Welcome to ~Simply Succulent~
Our purpose is to enhance your environment and bring life to your space with ease and an earth friendly consciousness. Drought tolerant, earth friendly.
Whether it be your backyard, your office cubicle or your kitchen table, we want you to enjoy these lil creatures as much as we do.
~Every piece is original and unique.
~Every design is made with our family's TLC. We hope you like what you see and continue to keep our "kids" in your lives.

Simply Succulent
Jenna, Jo, Kathy

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