Here's how to take care of me:

INDOOR: If I am new to your home, I have been watered and fertilized so there is no need to water me for 3 weeks. I prefer lots of indirect sunlight but can handle direct sunlight for a few hours a day. If you have me in a shady area, put me outside in direct sunlight every couple days. Every 2 weeks water me lightly, example, table centerpiece should get 4-6 ounces or half a small water bottle.
ROTTING is very common because people think we need water. "When in doubt, go without!" You can take a fork or knife and sink it down in the container. If it feels soft, the soil is moist. If it is hard and "crunchy", it is time to water me!

OUTDOOR: If I am new to your home, I have been watered and fertilized so there is no need to water me for 4-5 days.
I prefer to be watered once a week when the weather is warm. Once a month if it is cool.
Check my soil occasionally to see if I need more or less. Do not soak me or I will rot!!

During the rainy season it is not necessary to water me (if I am outdoors) at all unless I am bone dry.
Do not use soft water. The salts will kill me.

SUNLIGHT- I would prefer indirect sunlight, such as a kitchen window or a covered patio. If I am outdoors, 3-4 hours of direct sunlight is fine. Morning sun, afternoon shade. More than that and I will most likely start to burn my leaves.If I do burn, I am not dead. I will continue to grow and my burnt leaves will fall off.
Indoor designs will need good indirect sunlight. If necessary you can leave me outside a few times a week to soak in some sun.
*FROST- When there is chance of frost, bring me in under a covered patio or cover me with a trash bag.
GROOMING- As I grow, you will start to notice dead leaves on my underside. Just remove. This is a good sign that I am growing.
If you see I am getting too big for my pot, you can remove me and plant me in your yard or just a larger pot. Some species will produce little buds. Those buds can be broken off and put back in the soil to root.
If you find any webs or insects, use a small paint brush to remove any debris and clean my leaves.
ORCHID DESIGNS- If I am a design with an orchid/orchids, it is best to water me with an ice cube at the base of my stem, once a week. If my orchid has blossomed and is dead, you can remove the plastic cup (which holds orchid) from the container and replace with a fresh orchidor a candle.

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