I feel like I've had many careers in my 35 years of life. I started out as a professional dancer in the film & television world. After 15 years of having a blast on all kinds of creative jobs, I had my daughter Cooper and I decided to hang up my dancing shoes and become a chef. If I wasn't in the dance studio, I was in the kitchen or throwing parties so...I went to culinary school, CSCA, Pasadena.

After 5 years with my company Creative Mind Events, I decided event planning was a crazy path. Crazy people, I should say. However, I did and still do love to design environments, which brings me to Simply Succulent.

I remember sitting in my backyard one day with my puppy mastiff staring at me as I planted succulents.
I asked him if he thought I could plant succulents for a living...I guess he said yes cause I called up my sister and suggested we start a business together. So we did.

I hope you enjoy our designs as much as we love making them. Every space is original and has so much love vested in it.


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